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I just realized that i haven't updated this crapper since feb.2nd! I've been slacking pretty bad on this thing, but i decided to update since myspace is kindly turned off at school.I'm starting to hate myspace though, its so damn addicting.

Anyway, Prom is in a week and a day, i can't wait!! then heading down the shore for saturday and sunday!!!

Tons of stuff planned for this summer i can't wait! 2 weeks down the shore, dover, delware for shopping and whatever else.

about 31 days left of school then i'll be free!! Ryan graduates then im gonan be stuck in HHS by myself. oh well.

sunday i'm going shopping at the walk in atlantic city.. anyone ever been there?.. i hope its nice.

urgh, work tonight after the oral surgen, should be fun. i got a raise 2 weeks ago.. whoaa! dollar raise! 7.50 an hour baby!

anyway, im tried of typing. expect an update in about another 6 months haha.
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the l-jay world.

since there is nothing to do in graphic design and im very bored with nothing to do in the lovely hammonton high school. i decided to finally update this thing. a lot has went down since the last time i've updated.


--* me and ryan being together for a year, since like december 20th. ha, long ago.
--*getting honor roll.
--*getting my prom dress (www.morilee.com/dress.php?id=476&h=1 ... im light pink like last year)
--* i got a job, ha! i start monday.

everything else i don't remember. so until i find something new to write about, thats all for now.
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i seriously havent updated this thing in a while..sorry to say but myspace has taken me over and livejournal seems like nothing anymore.

anyway, i really should update the pictures from the wedding, since the pictures are already on a cd. yeah maybe i'll do that tonight, or in my spare time. so, the wedding was really nice, it went by fast and then i spent the night at ryans. It felt like the slowest week, on the days that i stayed at my aunts house. if that makes any sense... so i couldnt wait to get home and actually sleep in my own bed.

so, thanksgiving was alright... i hate turkey so i just ate everything besides that....

now thats its like 17 days till christmas and you guys are just finding out about my thanksgiving, i came to the conclusion that i'm just gonna let livejournal die for now.

myspace is more fun.

sorry to the ones who read this, i'll be back someday.

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Yesterday we went and finilized everything for the wedding, went out to lunch then came home for a few. then me and melissa went to go get our nails and toes done. i laughed the whole time the little chinese lady was touching my feet. so after that i came home and packed because im staying at my aunts house half the time thier on their honeymoon then the other half will be spent at ryans.

so i woke up at 6:45 this morning and im super nervous. i have to do more in the wedding than melissa and my dad have to do.

but i need to go get dressed and go with my dad to get something for breakfast then i shall wait with melissa and heather for the limo to get here so we can go get our hair and make up done.

then to the wedding we go. shall be fun...

i'll post pictures sometime this week

so its tuesday

If we didn't have a 3 day week this week i so would have stayed home today. I was way to tired to get up and it was way to cold to even function.

if we go outside next period for gym im gonna scream. its only like 40 degrees and i really dont feel like playing tennis....i said if, its and i a lot in those few short sentences.

so if you didnt notice i put a different picture up for my little background thing. i wish it would snow, it felt like snow yesterday.

this weekend my dad and melissa are getting married, joy. saturday night, and 3 other nights i get to spend the night at ryans <3 should be fun.

anyway, i had one of those heating pad things you put in the microwave, and its in the shape of a cat. and i think my cat thought it was real because she slept with it all night.

my poster is finally printing in graphics.

i have to read a story 3rd period in english, i wish i didnt.

a bunch of tests tomorrow because school is stupid.

i'm going to go, because i'm just typing about useless things.

journal times, dates and years are never right on here, it said it was january 18, 1970.
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Last day of school for the week. the day is going by super slow and my moring sucked.

i found out im not having drivers ed till 3 or 4th marking period. which sucks super bad. so paige is supposed to be getting me some info on driving school because im not waiting that long to get my permit. i'll have to take drivers ed twice in school which is pretty stupid but whatever.

we didnt get to play tennis today because our gym is stupid.

so,Bush won.. it's not who i wanted to win but whatever im not into the whole thing anyway. maybe i'll end up liking him this time who knows.

i'm in Lancetta's class and its pretty boring.

Ryan's bringing me home then i'm going tanning and to melissa's mom house. then to davids bridal to pick up our dresses. and if melissa gives me an attitude all hell is gonna break loose because i just dont care anymore.

tootsie pops are goood.chocolate ones are my favorite but i have cherry.

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Lancetta's class is boring once again. i forgot to do my current event but i found a news paper last period in history so i got one...

i dont feel like typing. so yeah the soccer hoodies are supposed to be given out today, should be fun.

tomorrow is NYC! and its supposed to rain. great. we're leaving at 7:30-8:00 am. sucks. but i'll sleep because i know ryan is. there wont be anyone to talk to in the carrr so i'll be sleeping along with him.

dude screw this l-jay stuff today.

later days

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oh man, one more period to go. money management with Lancetta is boring. defintions are stupid and im tired.

i dont feel like going to chestnuts class next period. when i get home i think im going to take a nap.

my user info still says i live in sicklerville, great.

okay, im bored and yeah. i need to make a profile for AIM.


3 days till NYC

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a little late on the update but i guess its better late than never.

soo, the football game was friday night and it was super cold. we watched it till the end of the 3rd quarter then got tired of them winning and we left. me, ryan and blazer went to applebee's to get the table because maria, amanda and gus we're waiting for their ride. so i saw amanda, dom, and mary at applebee's and they sung happy birthday to me. damn them. then ryan brought me home and i was like 10 minutes late because i lost track of time.

saturday, i went to cape may with my aunt and uncle. it was really cold then too but i got used to the coldness. we stopped at sunset beach and went to see the light house. then we left cape may and went to this christmas shop thing. it was cool but i was pretty tired. so i walked around there and when we left i slept for like 45 minutes till we got to the place where we had dinner. i ate, it was good and once again i had happy birthday sung to me. and then i got the tiffanys necklace she gave me. <3

yesterday, was the cake at my house and all that fun stuff. it was nice. i got 245 dollars and won 8 more on the lottery tickets. plus i have 12 in my room. it should be nice in new york this weekend. so after i opened all my presents and had cake, me and ryan went outside and carved our pumpkins. they came out super good. i started a witch and i didnt like how it was coming out so i turned my pumpkin around and restarted it.

tonight im going to ryans because its his brothers birthday. more happy birthdays and cake. whoaoo.

it smells like poo in the hallway because of a lovely stink bomb.

tomorrow is finally my birthday!

kelly is supposed to be staying after school to make my locker look all happy birthday-ish.

yeah, i came to school this morning and my locker was randomly open? but nothing was missing thank god.

alright im not sure what time it is, but one more period to go and hopefully it'll go by fast because i have to go to the media center to a report for chestnuts class.

<3 war of the roses was crazy on q102 this morning, ryan and i were actually listening to it instead of music.